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Matches fashion - The mix and match phenomenon can transform you into your own personal fashion stylist. This type of fashion makes it a lot easier to create a stylish look for yourself. This is why you should take a good look at your closet and see what treasures you have hiding in there. Once the review is over you can begin to purchase only the things that you feel will look good with what you already have.

matches fashion

A way of mixing and matching would be to organize your wardrobe according to colors, patterns and styles. This way you will have all your sports outfits in one place and all your elegant outfits somewhere else. Once you do this you can start figuring out what type of outfits you can create by using your own clothes. This way you can easily have vintage outfits with some elegant accessories or even romantic outfits with modern vintage and retro accents.
matches fashion

There are many celebrities out there that are very fond of this type of fashion for instance Alexa Chung, Dita von Teese or the famous Gwen Stefani. Mixing various fashion styles will give you a wonderful and personal look that will surely be a nice change from the everyday routine. What you should be aware of is that this mix and match style is not equal with the grunge style of the 90's. So, in this respect you should choose carefully between the patterns and styles.
matches fashion

Using some old accessories will help you create outfits using the clothes you already have. If you are planning to do some shopping then you should definitely choose some interesting clothing items that you will be able to mix and match with the things you already have.

matches fashion

This type of fashion can be a great way of reinvigorating your wardrobe without investing serious amounts of money into buying some new things.

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when do coachella 2013 tickets go on sale

when do coachella 2013 tickets go on sale - The countdown has begun. Tickets for the 2013 Coachella Music Festival officially go on sale Tuesday, January 29 at 10 a.m. PST on the Coachella website.
coachella 2013 tickets

The festival will be broken up into two identical weekends like it was last year. Weekend 1 runs April 12-14 and Weekend 2 is April 19-21. While many took to the internet to complain about this year's lineup, there is no doubt that tickets will go fast on Tuesday. Last year's passes sold out online in less than two hours.

Next year's installment of Coachella will once again be held over two weekends, April 12-14, 2013 and April 19-21, 2013. Tickets go on sale this Thursday, May 17, 2012.

Mighty early, this announcement, no? Here's why...

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Tickets went on sale later for the 2012 edition -- in June 2011 -- with another batch released in January this year, after the lineup was announced. (They sold out immediately.)

Due to concerns from neighbors surrounding Indio, where the festival is located, the fate of the 2012 event was shrouded in uncertainty, and the city of Indio delayed signing a contract with promoter Goldenvoice. This was due to concerns from the neighboring town of La Quinta about the event's environmental impact.

But such hurdles have been largely cleared this year by Goldenvoice's purchase of some 280 acres surrounding the festival grounds in March, paving the way for today's announcement.

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Fashion Rio 2013

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Just how complicated can the Brazilian bikini, among the skimpiest iterations of the simple spandex triangle and string design, possibly get?
fashion rio 2013

fashion rio men

fashion rio

Judging from the innovative, inventive and some downright strange beachwear options that hit the runways during Fashion Rio, the seaside metropolis' five-daylong fashion showcase, the sky's the limit. The spring-summer 2013-14 edition, featuring collections by about two dozen designers, wrapped up late Friday night.

At Blue Man, there were bikinis in see-through mesh, made legal in this country where skinny dipping is permitted only on a handful of beaches by strategically placed lozenges of fabric in Technicolor tropical prints. And in case hitting the beach in what essentially amounted to psychedelic censor bars doesn't appeal, the label had many a fuller-coverage offering on display, including a few all-enveloping, long-sleeve unitards whose sexiest features were zippers running all the way up the models' prominent spinal columns.

For those looking for more of a happy medium, there were a host of bikinis – with string or bandeau tops, low- or high-rise bottoms – in colonial watercolor and tropical hothouse prints.

Among the few shows held outside the special tents set up at a marina on the city's picture postcard Guanabara Bay, the Blue Man display took place at the former residence of the Portuguese ambassador, a sumptuous colonial mansion with sprawling tropical gardens.

A monkey in a nearby tree took in the show with a look of nonplussed nonchalance, as if to say he'd seen better. The homo sapien guests, however, were duly impressed, applauding and hooting with gusto.

Lenny Niemeyer opened her show with a long-sleeve one-piece that looked like the lovechild of a swimsuit and a sweatshirt. Made from a thick material that held its sculptural shape, the suit had puffy sleeves that appeared as if they'd been grafted from a schlumpy sweatshirt onto a racy leotard. Not necessarily the most weather-appropriate design for the tropics, but certainly an eye-grabber.

Other unmissable looks from Neimeyer, whose bold lines and use of subtle earthy hues have catapulted her to international fame, included turtleneck one-pieces kitted out with flippy little skirts and skimpy bikinis that looked like they'd been made out of scuba suits.

Triya delivered a rigid metal bandeau top that look like it had been made from a cast of the model's chest. But it was the kaftan printed with a photo from Helmut Newton's "Big Nudes" series that really had the spectators doing a double-take.

Salinas, the well-heeled teens' label of choice, eased off the saccharine and toned down the screaming pinks, delivering an unusually sophisticated collection dominated by black and white polka dots. The theme was "La Dolce Vita," and competing snippets from the soundtracks of classic Italian movies from the 1960s blared over the loudspeakers as the models strutted the polka-dotted catwalk in vertiginous heels. The label blurred the usually well-defined line between one pieces and bikinis, sending out spotted bandeau tops with high-rise granny pants bottoms or itsy-bitsy bottoms with a maxi-top that nearly reached the models' navels. Both looks left only the thinnest strip of exposed skin between top and bottom.

While the swimwear shows are always the highlight of Rio's summer lineup, most of the labels field daywear. Top daywear displays included Oh, Boy!, which fielded a collection of denim shorts and tops so abbreviated and so laden with tassels, studs, rhinestones, patches and other embellishments they hit the sweet spot where tacky becomes fabulous.

Reserva lived up to its reputation as Rio's answer to the intellectual Belgian label Martin Margiela with a performance-influenced show that was heavy on concept, light on actual clothes. The show, among the week's sole menswear displays, saw a parade of hipster-looking male models from whose backs emerged clothes racks, each hung with a costume that dangled a meter (yard) in front of them, as if to suggest the remarkable character they had lurking inside – a pirate, Superman, Fred Flintstone – beneath the unremarkable streetwear.
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What are the latest fashions

What are the latest fashions - classy, classic, and sexy - did I mention a bit manly...
With fall and winter coming, perhaps your wardrobe needs a bit of updating? Well, here are a few  fall and winter fashion trends that you may want to consider purchasing.

Runaway latest fashion

Sexy, classy, and classic are the features to look for when buying clothes for this fall and winter...

It's so nice to see the hat make such a huge comeback this year!
For fall and winter the waist has returned! Whether on a belted swing coat, a curvy dress or pencil skirt, the emphasis is on the waist. The fitted classic sheath style dress provides a much-needed antidote to all the trapeze styled dresses of this past summer. The seriously girlie frock is also out, for now anyway.  The dresses for fall/winter of 2012/2013 are sexier and edgier and well fitted, but not skin tight -- dresses will remain comfortable. The hem line is mid knee to well below the knee.

The colors on the runway for the fall/winter season of 2013 are to put it in a nut shell - a bit bland. However, designers did a smashing job at making otherwise bland colors pop.... All the classic fall/winter colors such as brown, black, taupe, winter white,and many shades of gray, as well as dark rich blues seem to be prevalent in an abundance at New York's Fashion Week runways. Not to say that some designers didn't use brighter colors, because they did. However, it did appear the brighter colors were played down for the up coming fall season.. Evening wear was where the designers appeared to use some bolder, and very soft pastel colors. Such as, hues of gold, red, vivid blues, and deep jewel tones. In regards to evening wear, many designers used soft pastels in shades of soft blush pink, and silvery soft blues tones to create gowns that were fabulously feminine, and old Hollywood sexy... For all you gals that love the color black, don't worry the designers have taken care of you... The designers have used the color black in many fashion looks. However, for the Fall/Winter of 2013 you will see your favorite color black mixed up with dark gray, stark white, as well as lots of shades of dark mid-night blue.
Runway To You - Fashion Fall/Winter 2012 / 2013 Shows
Watch for the big screaming trends - belts, belts, and more belts. Note the bold close fitting structure, sophisticated, edgier designs. The hems are all over the place!

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1940s fashion Style & Trends

The fashion of the 1940s is a very classy look. Since it will look so good on you, you will be swamped with compliments. Here's how to get that outstanding 1940s style:

Understand what the '40s was about. With the onset of World War II rationing in the 1940's extended to clothing too. Fabric was scarce, so skirts were perpendicular, and blouses were plain, without ruffles or detailing. Lots of women kept their clothes to one shade, so that they could mix and match pieces and get more use out of each item. Colors had dark, pure hues. Clothes had more natural looking silhouettes because material wasn't available to support unnatural silhouettes. Although most clothing was supposed to be worn with a slip or petticoat. In late 1940s trends had fuller skirts, on quite a few occasions needing a petticoat, and more feminine blouses. These looks from the late 1940s are like the styles we associate with the 1950s.

World War II impacted virtually every aspect of American life and fashion was no exception. In 1942, the United States imposed a rationing system similar to the one Great Britain had implemented the previous year, limiting, among other things, the amount of fabric that could be used in a single garment. Materials including wool, silk, leather and a fledgling DuPont Corp. invention called nylon were diverted for use in uniforms, parachutes, shoelaces and even bomber noses.

Jackets could be no more than 25 inches in length, pants no more than 19 inches in circumference at the hem, belts no more than two inches wide and heels no more than an inch in height. Hemlines rose to the knee in an effort to conserve fabric. Buttons, cuffs, pockets and decorative details like ruffles and lace were used sparingly. Women wore shorter, boxy jackets for a V-shaped silhouette reminiscent of military uniforms. Even Hollywood traded elaborate costumes for simplified designs, a move many claimed lent movies a new air of realism.

1940s fashion Women coat

1940s fashion style

1940s fashion woman

1940s fashion trends

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men style fashion

Men Style Fashion - Best online menswear magazine for the latest trends and styles in men's fashion. Updated on a daily basis. The latest news in men's style and fashion trends, plus menswear designer fashion shows, grooming tips, and the best and worst dressed celebrity men.Style - Men's fashion, men's style, men's fashion designers, men's fashion week, men's fashion shows, men's shows, the collections, men's style trends, how tos.

men style

men stle fashion

men style fashion

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Sam's Fashion Style: In style: Nicky Hilton

Nicholai Olivia "Nicky" Hilton (born October 5, 1983) is an American businesswoman, fashion model, socialite, celebutante, heiress and fashion designer. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels). I think her style is much much better than her sister Paris! Pics via TFS. 0 reacties: Een reactie plaatsen · Ouder bericht Startpagina. Abonneren op: Reacties plaatsen.

In 2005, Hilton was the face of Australian underwear line Antz Pantz alongside Kimberly Stewart. Stewart remains contracted, however Hilton has been replaced by Australian model Megan Maitland. Around this time, Hilton modeled for the cover of Lucire for its New Zealand and Romanian editions

Nicky Hilton in style



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