in style fashion trends 2013

in style fashion trends 2013 - Some may refer to this as the 50 Shades of Grey trend. We are not those people. Instead, we are seeing this S&M-influenced look as being inspired by famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton's iconic black-and-white photography, which always played on eroticism. Lubov Azria even referenced the photog in the show notes, citing him as the key inspiration of their collection.

style fashion trends 2013
style fashion 2013


What's spring without a big hit of color? In the transition from chilly to warmer temps, we're ready to embrace a hot hue. "Plus, fiery red is a mood elevator," says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone's executive director. "It can boost confidence and make you feel more in control." While it's not for the shy, the sharp-edged color will please those drawn to making a strong statement.


Go with bluer reds if your complexion is fair; spicier orange-reds will flatter darker skin. Whatever you choose, keep hair sleek and lips neutral (red lips would be too matchy), and step out in black or nude shoes that won't distract. Resist the urge to stop at just a pop--a long line of color is often visually slimming (not to mention stunning). Share
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